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Huge smile from Bubbe!


I LOVE this. I too, often, cannot belive how far my son has come with his anxiety and eating. It is amazing to look back and see how our children's accomplishments over the last year is astounding. It does get easier...and I wish I would have believed that years ago when I was "in" it! I also, did not realize how consuming it all was, until we did not have to live with his anxiety. We are now able to travel, and enjoy life. Kudos to you as a parent for all your love and energies that got you both to this point!

Grandma Nan

I absolutely love this. I'm so proud of how you and Steve have helped Nate at each step.

Uncle Marvin Wasser

what a fantastic, improbable, but thoroughly heart-warming sequence of life events you have described, Andrea. I can only admire at a distance, through your written words, what a patient and loving life you and Steve lead, and have lead. Love from Uncle Marvin


Thanks so much for posting - I loved reading this. You and your boys have certainly come a long way!

Andi P

Oh, Andrea! What a beautiful narrative! Glad things are looking better. Sounds like Age 8 has been good for Nate (and Ramona).

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