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Once there was a rat who got through all the stages on Rat On The Run, was awesome on a scooter, and was great getting through the skateboard courses, but now he must go through snowboarding courses and avoid more.

Bruce Wasser

N8, I'll try, here we go:
Pascal's Triangle: AAAHHHH I got a headache looking at this link. OY: http://www.mathsisfun.com/pascals-triangle.html
How many apps does Donut Games have with numbers on them? 29?
Why do you think a llama and a sheep are different? Why or why not? Llama's have big long necks and sheep have short stubby necks.
/ ? The numerator is the number of packages you think you got 32 years ago. The denominator is how many packages your wife or husband got without you seeing it. If you did not have a wife or husband 32 years ago, then just do it for the year after you had your wife. What over what? 12/24.
I'm going to go lay down. That was hard.


Yes, their 29th one came out 2 days ago!


I'll answer the survey:

1. 29

2. A llama has a tail and a sheep does not.

3. 0/0. I'm not 32 years old, and I don't have a wife.


If you go to http://www.google.com and enter " What is donut games's second app?" or " What do you call a stop sign with 800 rubber bands on it?" and scroll down far enough, you'll fing http://natenate.typepad.com.

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