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All I can say (while I am crying) is that you and Steve have been the best, most patient and encouraging parents to both of your special boys. Thank you for clearly documenting the outcome of the evaluation - it has been an amazing 7+ years! There will be so many more milestones to conquer and many other accomplishments that will amaze us all!


Fabulous post, Andrea. Thank goodness Nate has you two for parents (and not only because he's already well ahead of my math ability!)


I could not have said it any better than Bubbe or Marsha. Clearly, your boys are special and they have two special parents to help them navigate through this world. God knew what he was doing when he brought you all into each other's lives.

Andi P

Andrew, what a beautiful tribute to Nate. Obviously, all your efforts (and emotional investments) were worthwhile and played a large part in where he is today.

Andi P



Amazing. I feel so special to be a part of your boy's lives. I love being around each of them and hearing about and experiencing their triumphs and struggles makes it so much more rewarding. You and Steve are the dynamic duo of parenting. Always willing to take that extra step. Thanks for all you guys do.

Jen King

I loved reading this especially because it reminds me so much of where we are and where we've been with our 'Nate'. You want to release them and just let them soar, but you also want to make sure that they can function on the ground as well. It's an amazing gift that you're giving him that you're excited to go on the ride with him.


Standing proudly with the Nate (and Nate's parents) fanclub for many years.

Grandma Nan

Whatever he is, has, or does, I love him totally and am proud to be one of his Grandmas.


Thanks for the support, friends and relations!


I love hearing about Nate's adventures, especially the math ones!! How amazing he is!! How exciting that he'll be learning so much and not miss a beat!! You guys are fantastic parents! Thank you so much for the update!


Wow, thank you for writing this! We've enjoyed reading about Nate for years, and you've done a beautiful job chronicling his awesomeness. I feel privileged to hear a little about the sweat, soul and tears that have been invested in his adventure!

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