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Inquiring minds just need to know -good luck in the H household!


In college, I learned the adverb game, where someone thinks of an adverb and then you ask them to perform various actions in that way. So, "Turn on the light that way," "sing a song that way," etc. It's a little more winnable, and can be fun, definitely.


That's awesome, Genevieve, thanks! Will try it tonight. Fun!

another adverb game

at recent parties, i've been a fan of "in the manner of the adverb"--one (or two) person(s) go(es) out of the room while the adverb is decided and then when they come back, they propose a scene that everyone else has to act out in the manner of the chosen adverb (which the out-of-roomer(s) then has to guess).

i explained this CONVOLUTEDLY

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