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Nate: What is a libicure bag?

Grandma Nan

Yes. Translation, please. And why do you need to see the first one on a Wednesday or Thursday?

Grandpa Toshi and Debbie

Is it a linear bag? Are you doing linear combinations and equations already?


Literature bag. A book about Halloween, a journal, and a spooky game. Nate wishes to keep it another night. It is not clear how Wednesday and Thursday enter the equation.


It's possible that what he's saying is that he needs to get the literature bag on a Wednesday or Thursday so that when he brings it back after the weekend, he will have had it for four or five days (just like the first one, which we got on a Wednesday or Thursday). Since he got this one on Friday, he hasn't had it long enough.


Thanks for solving the mystery - so many inquiring minds needed to know.

Grandma Nan

That makes perfectly good sense, Nate. And thanks for the help, Mom and Dad.

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