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I think I know the "knees bent, eyes closed" thing, but I think we said "a-roo-ga-chuck-a" But who can remember? And I don't recall a goose area/mush pot at all. But my Duck Duck Goose days are long behind me.


"Mush pot" was common use in Texas as well, including a chant of "Mush pot! Mush pot! (Name) goes to the mush pot!", and there were many variants of Duck Duck Goose, including "Pac Man Pac Man Ghost," which invariably involved running around making "wacka-wacka" sounds.


Thank you, Matt--I always enjoy proof that I'm not crazy!


It's "duck duck Ray duck" in MN. Who woulda thunk all the variations there could be?


We had a mush pot, Andrea. But we sang "ashes, ashes". No comment on the bubbler - you know that's a very specific regional thing (so I learned about them in college along with cabinets).

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