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Grandma Nan

I'm sure the Brothers H will have many fond memories of the trip. I'm glad they're not afraid of the water -- a good first step toward swimming (ask Daddy -- of course Daddy had a bad wave experience in Japan).


This will be the first vacation that Nate and Jonah will remember - sounds like everyone had a wonderful time together. Jonah and his chattiness reminds me of another person at about that age...


Who, Bubbe? Who????


I am pleased to know that I am not the only (adult) one freaked out when riding in a gondola cable car.


It's one of the top 15 reasons why I will never ski.


We just came back from our vacation too. As I put it to someone before setting off "The kids are going on vacation, we're going to be enjoying parenting in a different environment." And we did, but I so hear you on changed expectations on things like, say, being able to sit with a book for an hour.

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