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Grandpa Toshi and Grandma Debbie

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news. Congratulations to Nate -- and mom and dad too!


What wonderful news to read so early in the morning. I attended only one class with Nate during those early classes and am amazed and thrilled at what he has accomplished. Nate is ready for any challenge now! He is such a special boy!


Crying at my desk here... thanks for posting. We're so proud of you, Nate! And of you, Mommy and Daddy!


I LOST OT ON 7/31/08

Grandma Nan

Congratulations, Nate, on losing OT. You will be very busy with kindergarten and other things.


Oh, Nate. I am sooo proud of you! Not only have you pushed yourself to be successful at so many new things, but you have actually inspired ME to become an OT. Nate, watching you grow through this experience has been so incredible to me that it makes me want to help any other kids who may feel the way you did. Nate, Krista is going to be like Kristine and its all because of you! I miss you little buddy! xoxo


Krista: That is so great - you will be so wonderful working with little guys like Nate and Jonah. You were such a fun nanny and the boys loved you. I wish you much success in your new chosen field.

Bubbe (Ann)


Oh, this made me misty. Nate, we are all so proud of you!

Kim, Paul, Sawyer & Luke


Yay, Nate. It's impressive that he can do all those things he's learned, but more impressive that he did what he had to do to learn them. Congrats, all of you.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Seraphine

Congratulations Nate on losing OT! We are so proud of you and miss you a whole lot! You sure are a very brave, very tough little guy! When can you and Jonah come to visit us in Nashville?


Mazel tov! This is fabulous!!! WOO HOO to Nate!


Hey - found this post today from the link you put up at ALOTT5MA. What a wonderful thing to read! Congratulations to you and your obviously great kid.

Girl Detective

Yay, Nate, and yay for your family, who helped him get there.

My husband and I had our first meeting yesterday about starting our 5yo son on OT and other things to help him with his "sensitivities." It's nice to hear a joyful post from the other end since we're just embarking, and it's scary.


Thanks, ALOTT5MAers!

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