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Awesome review of a TV show! Alan Sepinwall, watch your back!

Grandma Nan

Hi, Nate. Wow! You wrote a lot! Those Backyardigans have very exciting lives. Thank you for telling me about one of their adventures.


Nate: What a great story. You explained all about the clowns so clearly that now I want to watch that television show. It sounds like you really enjoyed the show!

Grandpa Toshi and Debbie

Nate, We enjoyed reading all about the 3 silly, mischievous clowns. Thank you for sharing. Do you think it would be fun to be a clown?


The fact that I got every word of this surely means that I have watched a few too many Backyardigans episodes a few too many times. Excellent work, Nate!

Uncle Dave

Wow, Nate! Your stories about the Backyardigans are awesome! I have never watched them but after reading your stories I really want to! Maybe we can watch together the next time Aunt Seraphine and I come to visit.

Uncle Dave

PS Do you think that Captain Underpants could ever make a guest appearance on the Backyardigans? Or would that be too silly??!!

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