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That's a great story, Nate! Love, Mommy

Auntie Kim

Hi Natey from Auntie Kim, Uncle John and cousin Jessica! We miss you! Happy Passover. We just went on vacation to the Caribbean on a huge cruise ship. We went to Mexico and Caymen and Jamaica. Can you find those on a map? We also went to Miami, Florida and we flew over Tallahassee on the airplane! When we flew home last night we flew over 11 states - Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennesee, Mississipppi. Kansas, Wyoming, Idado, Oregon. Can you guess the rest? I can't!

Uncle Dave

Hi Nate! Wow, that is a great Passover story! You did a great job telling it and remembering the details! Love, Uncle Dave and Aunt Seraphine.

Grandma Nan

Hi Nate. Shalom and Happy Passover! Please send my love to your mommy and daddy and brother. I hope you are having a really good Spring Break week.


Will you please have your mother sing the song "Let my people go" and say it in a low voice like Moses said to Pharaoh???? Have you eaten any matzoh balls?



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