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Nate, great job blogging! I love when you tell stories. Love, Mommy


Nate, daddy loves reading about what's on your mind.

Grandma Nan

Waltzing Matilda is a favorite song of mine. I've never heard Dan Zanes sing it.


Hi Nate, this is Sawyer and Luke's Mommy, writing to tell you how much we all enjoy reading your stories!


Hi Nate! It's so nice to see you blogging! I've been reading about you and Jonah for a long time. You should get Mommy to teach you how to Waltz like Matilda!

Auntie Jen

Nate -- You are very good at blogging and at singing. What is your favorite song?


Hi Nate! Its Krista, remember me? I miss you and your brother Jonah. Did you know that I live in Minnesota? I live in the capital St. Paul. I love it here. You should tell Mommy to make you something called an email address. That way we could write letters to each other. That would be fun!

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