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My goodness, Flora and Nate had a ball, didn't they!

This may be your best post ever. I love that you posed Flora in all these different ways, and I lurve Nate's commentary. You go, Nate!


No one had more fun than Daddy, who did all the posing. Flora cooked and did her work after the kids went to bed, but I believe the kids had to wait for a turn with her while Daddy posed her at the piano. It was a fun project for preschoolers and 37 year old lawyers alike.


This is most excellent. Children of Nate's classroom, weep!

Uncle Dave

Wonderful post! Hilarious and utterly cute. Makes me wonder what Flora's version of the story might be?

Grandma Nan

Having finally signed up for a typepad account, I can respond to the postings. I can also tell you that Flora sitting on the steering wheel and Steve driving with a camera to his eye is probably not the best way to navigate the streets of San Francisco. Nate was very eager to write the story behind the photos.

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