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So is Jonah pushing the leap frog table around and using it like a walker? omg. That would make me a little nervous, too. But it's definitely cute.
Hooray for Nate at day care! Sounds awesome. Gotta love that they learn how to deal with earthquakes there. Ah L.A.
And brave day care staff that serve syrup to a bunch of pre-schoolers. I wonder who cleans up after that!


I can't wait to see some of Nate's artistic renderings! Bring on the art show!

As for that learning table - that is just the most versatile toy in the universe, and yay for Jonah for coming up with new and exciting ways to use it.


Actually, no, he's not pushing it around like a walker (ay, carumba). He seems to be using it to push himself up and is actually starting to think about standing alone. He cruised a few steps around his piano and around the tub the other day, but he seems to have forgotten how he did it. He walked across the entire playroom holding my hands this morning, and when I stand him up, I swear he seems pretty sturdy and can almost balance for a few seconds. He may end up being one of those early walkers. Then again, maybe not, because he's getting around pretty quickly on all fours. He's SO proud of himself!

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