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Great pictures - can't wait to see all of this activity in person when I visit next month!


Excellent slide! My parents have one (we, of course, don't have the space) and Anna loves it. Also glad to hear that Nate is pulling his weight in the chores department.

(Btw, am also glad that someone else named the ridiculous but indispensable pregnancy pillow. I called it Mount Pillowmanjaro.)


Ours was just called the "J," because it was in the shape of a . . . J.

The dishwasher emptying is wicked cute.


Mt. Pillowmanjaro is a good one. And don't let the lack of space scare you away from slidemania: at night, it folds in half and slides right under Nate's crib. I think Daddy would have had a heart attack if I'd bought an unstoreable piece of plastic.


Nate is definitely the coolest kid on the block with that slide!
A word to the wise: I thought it was great when Benjamin started to help me empty the diswasher...until he decided it would be more fun just to climb inside it.

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