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It sure is nice to see him smiling again - especially with a smile like that! And who knew that he hobnobs with the likes of the Pacino twins (not to mention Al himself)? I'm very impressed.


That's some smile! A happy kid, that one.

A side note: your culinary creativity is very impressive. It's a good thing Anna doesn't know about Beary the Sandwich Bear; she just gets squares with the crust cut off. You get major points for presentation!


I would make The Great Wall Of Sandwich if it would get him to eat something. His current lunch is soft pretzel and banana. Every day. As for Beary, it's no harder than cutting the crusts off--just one press of the big cookie cutter, and lunch is all cute.


What a great smile - he looks so much like Steve in the wagon picture!


I am so impressed with the Beary the Sandwich Bear! You are far more inspired in the child food creation department than I.

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