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Yeah!!Nate is finally eating big boy food. He looks like he is really enjoying the feel of the peanut butter and jelly.

Sawyer's Bubbie

Nate... How wonderful!! You and Sawyer each have a Bubbie!!!


I can't believe my bubbie is making it to your site before I do, Nate. Such bubbie devotion knows no bounds.

Very excited to hear about the PB&J! I'm not sure exactly what peanut butter and jelly are, as I myself haven't tried them yet, but I'm always glad to hear about new additions to your food repertoire!

Tess & Sophie

After my mom heard from your mom that you were eating peanut butter, she decided to torture us by making peanut butter toast for breakfast this morning - ugh!! We hated it and felt the need to gag in a very animated way to get our point across (sometimes we have to exaggerate a bit so she gets it - you know what we mean). What do you see in that brown muck anyway??


Ride 'em cowboy Nate! Love the hat! Guess he's ready for his Colorado visit!


Way to go, Nate! I LUH--UVVV peanut buter and jelly.
Here's a tip: Ask your mom to take about half a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter (preferably the all natural kind) and mix it in with vanilla ice cream. It sounds like no big deal - but ommigosh - its something else!


Welcome, Sawyer's Bubbie! Thanks for checking out my site. And don't worry, everyone, I'm not trying to change on you. After Wednesday's culinary excitement, I went back to my old habits of refusing everything, including pb&j. Ice cream and pb, emily? surely you jest. I do not eat ice cream.

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