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I don't see why our mommies and daddies get so excited about it when we sit on the potty chairs. I mean, the seat makes a good necklace and all, and the bowl is a great way to tote small toys around the apartment, but it does seem like their enthusiasm is rather outsized for the accomplishment itself. I just don't get it.


Hey - should I get one of those? My mommy and daddy don't even have one for me! What does that say about them?


I don't have a potty chair either. And when I tried to sit on my friend Julia's, she bit me! And she wasn't even sitting on it at the time. I'm staying away from those things for now. (Even though I think everything diaper-related is absolutely fascinating, and I get the sense that these chairs are somehow diaper-related.)


You may be right about the diaper thing, Anna. My parents bought me my potty chair a long time ago after I started wandering into the bathroom naked and peeing on the floor every time one of my parents was peeing. My doctor suggested they buy me one just for kicks to see what I'd do. I naturally took to it right away, as I like the aesthetics of that particular piece of furniture, but I still don't see why everyone applauds when I sit on it. Weird. Must continue my analysis. Will report back should breakthrough occur.


He's adorable! Lisa forwarded me the site... Keep 'em coming!


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