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Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to reading all about Monsieur Nate Nate's exploits.


Nate - this will be fun. It's such a gas reading about how our Moms and Dads think we see the world! I can hardly wait until years from now when I can tell them they got it all wrong.


Welcome, Nate! I have the feeling that your parents' reports on your life will make for excellent reading - my mom says your mom is really funny and your dad draws cool pictures.


Um, dude, get my mommy to help you out with that masthead!


I'm looking forward to daily (weekly??) updates on my favorite little boy. The pictures are great!

Andrea S

What's a URL??? -- I can't believe it -- I only had kids 13-18 years ago, and I am completely out of touch -- What's a "blog"?? Whatever it is, it's incredibly amusing, completely adorable, and the whole concept is as fascinating as can be!! Well, I'm glad to see some things haven't changed -- potty seats are still being used. Nate, you couldn't be any cuter.


Very cute. Should this give me hope that when Tamsin is that old we'll have enough free time to be writing blogs?!?

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